Nothing Sacred (1937)

Nothing Sacred (1937)

This rather average yet still amusing screwball comedy was directed by William A. Wellman (A Star is Born (1937)) and co-written by Ben Hecht.

Fredric March plays an ambitious reporter who unknowingly writes a false story about a small town girl played by Carole Lombard who’s supposedly dying. She was diagnosed by a local “quack” (Charles Winninger) while he was drunk. Because of the publicity she gets an opportunity to do what she’s always wanted to see the big city where she becomes the “toast of the town”. When March’s editor played by Walter Connolly discovers the “hoax” through another doctor (Sig Ruman) there’s hell to pay and a cover-up is plotted even as the Mayor is “involved”. Margaret Hamilton also appears as do Billy Barty Hedda Hopper Hattie McDaniel John Qualen Monty Woolley though uncredited.

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