Lion in Winter The (1968)

Lion in Winter The (1968)

I rediscovered this film that I thought was too boring to watch in my youth but find incredible now especially the biting (Oscar winning Writing) dialogue between Peter O’Toole (Oscar nominated) & Katharine Hepburn (Best Actress Oscar winner one of her finest performances). A must see! John Barry’s score also won an Oscar; the film and its director (Anthony Harvey) were also nominated. Eleanor (Hepburn) has been exiled by Henry II (O’Toole) as he fools around with another (Jane Merrow). However he is aging and must chose his successor. Will it be his youngest (Nigel Terry) his neglected middle child (John Castle) or his eldest and wife’s favorite (Anthony Hopkins in one of his very first films). He must decide else King Philip of France (Timothy Dalton in his film debut) whom he must decide whether to join or fight may dictate it.

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