Captain Blood (1935)

Captain Blood (1935)

This is my favorite pirate movie & the film that helped Errol Flynn make a name for himself. And it’s an earlier teaming of Flynn Olivia de Havilland Basil Rathbone and director Michael Curtiz than The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938) too. The film was Oscar nominated for Best Picture as was director Curtiz its Screenplay (Casey Robinson earned his only Academy recognition for adapting the Rafael Sabatini novel) Sound and Erich Wolfgang Korngold’s Score. Also see Guy Kibbee as one of Flynn’s compatriots.

Dr. Peter Blood (Flynn) is convicted of treason for treating an enemy of the king. He is sold into slavery where he meets and is temporarily saved by a beautiful woman (de Havilland) the daughter of the man (Lionel Atwill) in control of the island where he is taken. But Blood leads the other slaves on an escape. They steal a boat and become successful pirates with Blood as their captain. Of course he must be pursued and he must rescue de Havilland from Rathbone and eventually the pirates become involved on the right side of the war between their former Britain and France.

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