Rain Man (1988)

Rain Man (1988)

An Academy Award Best Picture buddy film: one is a selfish yuppie the other is his institutionalized savant brother featuring an unforgettable performance from Best Actor Dustin Hoffman (one of his two Oscars the other was earned in 1979’s Best Picture). Lots of hilarious interplay in this one. Director Barry Levinson won his only Oscar (to date) as did the Original Screenplay. #63 on AFI’s 100 Most Inspiring Movies list.

Tom Cruise plays the self absorbed one (big stretch;-) who discovers his wealthy father left his estate to his “idiot” brother Raymond (Hoffman). He didn’t even know he had a brother but figures that the only way to the money is through Raymond. So he kidnaps Raymond and takes him on a cross-country journey of discovery for them both. Valerie Golino plays Cruise’s girlfriend who forces him to appreciate Raymond for who he is. When Cruise discovers that his brother has special skills he exploits him. But the film has a somewhat upbeat conclusion.

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