Young and Innocent (1937)

Young and Innocent (1937)

This is a surprisingly engaging film in which director Alfred Hitchcock recycles his "innocent accused man on a chase" (with aid from a woman) theme yet uses no actors with which many would be familiar. Nova Pilbeam plays the young girl who’s bound and determined to help the innocent man (Derrick De Marney) despite the fact that her father (Percy Marmont) is the constable. There’s an unforgettable barn set piece exciting car chase sequences and an amusing child’s birthday party scene (that includes Mary Clare and Basil Radford as Pilbeam’s aunt and uncle) which adds tension while enabling the police (like John Longden) to "catch up". Edward Rigby also appears. However the most memorable scene from the film is a long sweeping shot which flows without interruption from 145 feet way to just 4 inches from the twitching eyes of the murderer. In the U.S. the film was cut by 10 minutes and released as The Girl Was Young.

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