Q: What is the purpose of this site?

A: To celebrate educate as well as provide reviews and recommedations of classic (and also obscure) films.

Q: Who created this site?

A: I did a person (perhaps like yourself?) who loves watching and/or discussing classic films.

Q: Where can I see the films that are reviewed on this site?

A: Many of the more popular films recommended here can be found in video stores and several of the others can be rented from internet services like Netflix. However most of the films (especially the more obscure among them) reviewed can be watched uncut and commercial free on the Turner Classic Movies (TCM) channel.

Q: A lot of the reviews/recommendations mention various AFI lists what are these references?

A: AFI refers to the American Film Institute an organization which celebrates promotes and recognizes excellence in American Film. Over the years AFI has compiled "100 Years … 100 Lists" which recognize specific types or genres of films their actors/actresses or other elements (e.g. heroes villains songs quotes) ranked by votes received from their members.

A word about AFI’s rankings – some movies may appear in a 100 movies list which weren’t eligible (too new) for an earlier list. For example Saving Private Ryan (1998) though it appears on the 100 Most Heart-Pounding Movies list it wasn’t available for the 100 Greatest Movies list because it hadn’t been released in time for consideration. Also AFI derives these lists from nomination "ballots" of 400 films they deem for consideration meaning they could fail to leave one of the 100 "actual best" off any of their categories because of an oversight on their part.

Q: Can I use the information found here for my own and/or other purposes?

A: Links to this site are welcomed. However material from this site should NOT be posted on other websites without written permission from the author of this site – classicfilmguide.com – You agree not to reproduce modify create derivitive works from display perform publish distribute disseminate broadcast or circulate ANY content to any third party (including without limitation the display and distribution of the content via a third party website) without express prior written consent.

  1. Rob Lawson

    On your FAQ page, there are these entries:
    Q: Who created this site?

    A: I did a person (perhaps like yourself?) who loves watching and/or discussing classic films.

    My question is: What is the sense of “did” in your answer?

    Yours sincerely (well…)

    Rob Lawson


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