Palm Beach Story The (1942)

Palm Beach Story The (1942)

Joel McCrea is a poor struggling architect who’s trying to find an investor for his futuristic airport concept. His beautiful wife (Claudette Colbert) who is fed up with his lack of success suggests that they’d be better off separating until he does better. Though he doesn’t agree she leaves him the next morning while he’s recovering from a hangover. Exploiting her assets she boards a train full of millionaires (hilarious!) on its way to Palm Beach and “hooks” one (Rudy Vallee). While pursuing his wife into this “high society” the architect meets a real Princess (Mary Astor) who not satisfied with her own husband (the Prince) promptly falls in love with him. This rather odd unique story (wish they were still writing original stuff like this these days!) is ripe for a terrific comedy by director/writer Preston Sturges and his merry cast of characters including William Demarest Franklin Pangborn and Al Bridge among others. Outstanding!

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