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Sabrina (1954)

Directed and co-written (with Samuel Taylor & Ernest Lehman) by Billy Wilder, this essential romantic comedy stars Humphrey Bogart, William Holden, and Audrey Hepburn in the title role. It's a love triangle featuring the three leads which was later remade with Harrison Ford, Greg Kinnear, and Julia Ormond. This film, which won an Oscar for Edith Head's B&W Costume Design, received five other Oscar nominations including two for director Wilder (he shared the Best Screenplay honors) and Hepburn's second consecutive Best Actress nomination (following her win for Roman Holiday (1953)); it was also added to the National Film Registry in 2002. #54 of AFI's 100 Greatest Love Stories list.

The story is about two brothers, stuff "family business" man Bogart & blonde playboy Holden, who fall in love with their chauffeur's (John Williams) daughter, the beautiful Ms. Hepburn. Sabrina had been a shy, wallflower type, who worshiped the dashing playboy brother, until she goes away to school in Paris and comes back a sophisticated, lovely young woman, and chef. Holden's character, already engaged to an important potential business partner's daughter (Martha Hyer - Some Came Running (1958)), is instantly attracted to the all new & grownup Sabrina, which jeopardizes the deal Bogart's character had been trying to do. So, Bogart romances Hepburn in hopes of attracting her away from Holden, when suddenly what was a set-up becomes real.

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