Search The (1948)

Search The (1948)

Montgomery Clift was nominated for a Best Actor Academy Award in his first film! He plays an American soldier in post World War II Germany that befriends a young Jewish boy (Ivan Jandl; his only film) & helps to return him to his mother (Jarmila Novotna) who is also searching for her boy. Aline MacMahon plays a bureaucrat who gets in the middle of it all. The Richard Schweizer (Marie-Louise (1944)) & David Wechsler Motion Picture Story won an Oscar; their screenplay also earned a nomination as did Fred Zinnemann’s direction (his first). Jandl was awarded a Juvenile Award by the Academy. Wendell Corey also appears in this above average drama.

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  1. kristina evans // October 17, 2014 at 10:51 pm // Reply

    they got it right. I really enjoyed this film. loved Montgomery Clift and the boy….both excellent

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