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That Uncertain Feeling (1941)

Merle Oberon plays an overindulged, unfulfilled wife whose husband (Melvyn Douglas) loves her dearly, providing everything she needs except excitement, so she's not happy. She goes to see a quack psychoanalyst (Alan Mowbray), who tells her that her hiccups are symptomatic of a larger problem in her marriage. While at this "doctor"’s office, she meets a loser pianist Alexander Sebastian (Burgess Meredith), so different from her staid husband that they begin an affair. Meredith's Sebastian will get under most people skin, in short, you'll hate him. Harry Davenport appears as Douglas's lawyer, Eve Arden as Davenport's secretary; Sig Ruman also appears. Not director Ernst Lubitsch's best film by any means, but running less than 90 minutes, still well worth your time. Walter Reisch (Comrade X (1940)) adapted the French play Divorçons; David Ogden Stewart (The Philadelphia Story (1940)) wrote the screenplay.

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