Swing Time (1936)

Swing Time (1936)

One of the best Fred (Astaire) & Ginger (Rogers) musicals (with Top Hat (1935) being the best in my opinion). Astaire (whose character flips a coin that makes him ‘Lucky’ also his nickname) misses his wedding to Betty Furness and then must prove he’s worth enough money to marry her. So he goes to New York with a friend (Victor Moore) in tow where he meets a dance instructor (Rogers) who’s been dating another (Georges Metaxa). Helen Broderick plays Ginger’s girlfriend. Funny scenes provided by Eric Blore as Ginger’s boss especially when she has to teach Fred how to dance … and succeeds in “no time” miraculously! Oscar’s Best Song “The Way You Look Tonight” and the famous (Oscar nominated Dance direction) “Bojangles of Harlem” number are highlights as well. Directed by George Stevens with a screenplay by Howard Lindsay and Allan Scott. Added to the National Film Registry in 2004. #30 on AFI’s 100 Greatest Love Stories list. “The Way You Look Tonight” is #43 on AFI’s 100 Top Movie Songs of All Time.

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