Gay Divorcee The (1934)

Gay Divorcee The (1934)

In the old days if your marriage wasn’t working you could hire a correspondent someone with whom your husband could catch you in order to obtain a divorce. Ginger Rogers is just such a gal so her Aunt (Alice Brady) hires an Italian (played by Erik Rhodes) who’s actually a happily married man himself as the professional to do the trick. But there is a mix-up and American dancer Guy Holden (Fred Astaire) is mistaken for the correspondent. Typical Astaire-Rogers farce with Edward Everett Horton & Eric Blore providing their usual humorous support in a film designed to exhibit great dancing and songs including the Academy Award winning song “The Continental”. This musical romance comedy received Oscar nominations for Best Picture Art Direction Sound and Score as well. Directed by Mark Sandrich Betty Grable also appears.

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