Crossfire (1947)

Crossfire (1947)

An early anti-Semitism film and a thrilling murder mystery with Robert Young Robert Mitchum Robert Ryan and Gloria Grahame. Ryan and Grahame were nominated for Supporting Oscars so was the picture (which lost to the anti-Semitism film – Gentleman’s Agreement (1947) its Writing and director Edward Dmytryk (his only nomination).

Young is a homicide detective trying to find out who killed a Jewish man (Sam Levene). It turns out some soldiers out for a good time were the last ones involved with the victim. So their Sergent (Mitchum) helps to investigate. Through a series of flashbacks from different points of view the story of what happened is told. Grahame is a girl the soldiers met that night. Ryan is one of the soldiers and therefore a suspect. But what was the motive for the killing?

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