My Name is Nobody (1973)

My Name is Nobody (1973)

This odd Western comedy stars Henry Fonda and Terence Hill. If you’ve never seen any of the “Trinity” comedy Westerns which feature actor Hill in the title role this is a pretty good example of one. With the added benefit of Fonda (a veteran of so many classic Westerns) and the participation from the great spaghetti Western director Sergio Leone (whose idea served as the basis for this film) this movie spoofs many of the themes from the genre. It’s filled with action many of which are accomplished with comic trick photography and otherwise purposely ridiculous sequences.

The story is a familiar one the aging gunfighter (Fonda) who wants to retire and not have to look over his shoulder all the time for the next hotshot that comes along wanting to challenge him. However a crooked mine owner named Sullivan (Jean Martin) wants to silence Fonda’s character so he hires over a hundred gunslingers (a “wild bunch”) to assassinate him. One of these potential assassins and would be challenger (Hill) to Fonda’s fastest gun title actually worships the old gunfighter as his childhood hero. When they meet Hill’s character convinces Fonda’s that he can cement his legendary status by taking on Sullivan’s posse in a final blaze of glory. Fans of TV’s Dallas will recognize Steve Kanaly in the barber scene.

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