Lolita (1962)

Lolita (1962)

There are a lot of mixed opinions about this film from director Stanley Kubrick. Personally I like it. James Mason (A Star is Born (1954)) gives his usual solid performance as middle aged Professor Humbert Humbert who pursues Charlotte Haze’s (Shelley Winters The Diary of Anne Frank (1959)) teenage daughter (Sue Lyon in the title role) while Charlotte pursues him. Peter Sellers give an hilarious performance as Clare Quilty a man who figures out Humbert’s obsession and then exploits it to his own advantage. Novelist Vladimir Nabokov’s screenplay was Oscar nominated his only Academy recognition. Remade in 1997 with Jeremy Irons as Humbert Melanie Griffith as Charlotte Frank Langella as Quilty and Dominique Swain as Dolores aka Lolita.

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