Errol Flynn Adventures

Errol Flynn Adventures

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Desperate Journey (1942)

Edge of Darkness (1943) – full review!

Northern Pursuit (1943) – Warner Bros. recycled the essence of Across the Pacific (1942) this time using Errol Flynn (in lieu of Humphrey Bogart) as a disgraced Mountie that infiltrates a German operation – led by Helmut Dantine (of course) – on Canadian soil. Directed by Raoul Walsh and scripted by Frank Gruber and Alvah Bessie from the story by Leslie T. White Flynn plays Steve Wagner who along with fellow officer Jim Austin (John Ridgely) initially captures Nazi Colonel Hugo von Keller (Dantine) who’d survived an avalanche that destroyed his original invasion team. Because Wagner’s parents emigrated from Germany he speaks von Keller’s language and the Nazi wastes no time trying to assess Wagner’s loyalties. Wagner decides von Keller is unable to make the journey to their post and convinces Austin to report back to Inspector Barnett (Tom Tully) without him. Barnett smells a rat and sends out a patrol to capture and arrest Wagner a fact which they later use with a subsequent ruse to enable Wagner to join von Keller’s new team after the Colonel and some other Nazis escape from an internment camp. The purpose of the mission is eventually discovered and it’s no less implausible than the rest of the plot which has the cinematic action hero stand idly by while three of his colleagues are murdered by the Nazis. Julie Bishop plays Wagner’s fiancée (Alec Craig her Irish-accented father) Gene Lockhart plays an undercover German co-conspirator and Monte Blue plays an Eskimo dogsledder who’s hired by the Nazis to navigate the terrain and Canadian country.

Uncertain Glory (1944) – written by Laszlo Vadnay and Max Brand from a story by Vadnay and Joe May this unusual World War II ‘drama’ directed by Raoul Walsh features Errol Flynn as a convicted murderer who gets a chance to save the lives of 100 innocent Frenchmen hostages that the occupying German forces have rounded up to be executed unless a saboteur is caught within 5 days. Flynn plays Jean Picard a French jewel thief who was to be executed himself by guillotine for killing a man during a robbery but a bombing raid saves him in the nick of time. However with help from a jealous friend (Sheldon Leonard) and his mistress (Faye Emerson) Inspector Bonet (Paul Lukas) tracks down and recaptures Picard. While returning to Paris handcuffed to Bonet Picard convinces his longtime nemesis the Inspector to let him pretend to be the saboteur in order to live a few more days and trade the guillotine for a firing squad. The reluctant Bonet assists Picard by developing a credible story helped by the fact that the real saboteur is caught and later freed by the Inspector. Complications arise when Picard is permitted to socialize with a local named Marianne (Jean Sullivan) and her aunt (Lucile Watson) cooks up a scheme to frame Picard as the saboteur. James Flavin Douglass Dumbrille Dennis Hoey (as the town pastor) and Victor Kilian (uncredited) also appear.

Objective Burma! (1945)

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