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Country Girl, The (1954)

Directed by Academy Award winning writer George Seaton (Miracle on 34th Street (1947)), who also adapted Clifford Odets's play in this one, this above average drama features Grace Kelly's (Mogambo (1953)) Best Actress Oscar performance as the pushy, yet loyal wife of an alcoholic actor, played by Bing Crosby (Going My Way (1944)), whose performance earned him his third (and last) Best Actor nomination. William Holden plays a director, who's one of Crosby's old friends, that needs him for a new play. Familiar with his friend's talent, and his failings, Holden goes to the mat with the producers to convince them he needs Crosby for the production. Because of conversations with his friend, Holden initially misunderstands Crosby's wife (Kelly), but later falls in love with her. Seaton’s screenplay also won an Oscar, he also received a nomination for Best Director, and the film (Best Picture), its B&W Art Direction-Set Decoration, and Cinematography were also nominated.

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