Song of Bernadette The (1943)

Song of Bernadette The (1943)

Jennifer Jones’ Oscar winning performance (the film won three other Oscars) and Best Picture nominated (and eight other nominations including Best Actor for Charles Bickford and Best Supporting Actress for both Gladys Cooper and Ann Revere. Director Henry King was also nominated. I think you have to be a "believer" to get much out of it. The cast also includes William Eythe Vincent Price and Lee J. Cobb. Jones is a young weak girl in a poor family who sees a vision (everyone thinks is the virgin Mary). Initially thought to be a "kook" by her own mother (Revere) and father and shunned by the church (including Bickford & Cooper) she gets stronger making daily trips to see the vision causing a sensation. The town’s business council (including Cobb & Price) decide that something must be done about it. A story about faith.

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