World of Henry Orient The (1964)

World of Henry Orient The (1964)

This is a delightful little comedy about two young urban private school girls Gil (Merrie Spaeth) & Val (Tippy Walker) who torment a piano playing playboy Peter Sellers and especially one of his potential married liaisons (Paula Prentiss). Though playing the title role and receiving top billing Sellers is hardly the lead character of the film whose story is really focused on the two young adolescent misfits who play imagination games as they struggle to find their identity. Unfortunately for Sellers one of those games is stalking him – e.g. to learn everything they can and even create a scrapbook about him as if he were a rock star! Though Gil is in a stable home environment with her divorced mother (Phyllis Thaxter) and understanding “Aunt” (Bibi Osterwald) “genius” Val is unfortunately the daughter of wealthy parents who travel primarily due to her father’s business interests. Angela Lansbury plays Val’s mother who’s still struggling to appeal to younger men like Sellers while Tom Bosley plays her father who eventually comes to his senses regarding (a lot of things not the least of which is) his daughter’s needs. Directed by George Roy Hill (The Sting (1973)) with a screenplay co-written by Nunnally Johnson.

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