Little Women (1933)

Little Women (1933)

This the first version of this much filmed Louisa May Alcott novel movie won the Oscar for Best Writing (Adaptation) and was also nominated for Best Picture. It stars Katharine Hepburn Joan Bennett Jean Parker Frances Dee Spring Byington Edna May Oliver and Paul Lukas. Director George Cukor was also nominated. Hepburn is Jo March the headstrong creative writing daughter (of Byington’s character) that shouts “Christopher Columbus” as an exclamation; her sisters are pretty though weak Dee Bennett & Parker. Oliver is their rich and somewhat obnoxious about it Aunt. Henry Stephenson plays their neighbor that takes a liking to them particularly Dee and whose son ‘Laurie’ (Douglass Montgomery) becomes friends to Hepburn and a part of their family. When Hepburn’s character goes away leaving ‘Laurie’ broken hearted she meets Professor Baer (Lukas).

Remade several times. For more a thorough synopsis of the plot see Little Women (1949).

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