Stalag 17 (1953)

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Stalag 17 (1953) A film produced and directed by Billy Wilder who also co-wrote the screenplay with Edwin Blum that was based on the play by Donald Bevan and Edmund Trzcinski; it’s an essential war drama that earned William Holden (Sunset Blvd. (1950) also co-written and directed by Wilder) his Academy Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role on his second of three such Oscar nominations. Director Wilder was also nominated as was Supporting [...]

Bad Day at Black Rock (1955)

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Bad Day at Black Rock (1955) This essential drama (from Howard Breslin’s story) stars Spencer Tracy as John J. Macreedy a man alone who’s trying to uncover a secret about what happened to an "old friend" in the titled remote Western town. His performance was Oscar nominated; director John Sturges and screenwriter Millard Kaufman (Take the High Ground! (1953)) also received nominations. Robert Ryan plays Reno Smith the [...]

Macario (1960)

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Macario (1960) Directed by Roberto Gavaldón who also co-wrote the screenplay this foreign fantasy drama tells the story of a poor Mexican woodcutter who is unable to provide enough food to feed his family such that they are slowly starving to death. His wife and mother to his many children washes clothes in a futile effort to help make ends meet. When her self sacrificing husband says that he will no longer eat until he can afford an entire [...]

Sister Kenny (1946) – full review!

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Sister Kenny (1946) – full review! Produced directed and co-written by the Academy Award winning screenwriter Dudley Nichols (The Informer (1935)) who adapted Elizabeth Kenny’s autobiographical novel And They Shall Walk (co-written with Martha Ostenso) along with actor Alexander Knox (Wilson (1944)) and Mary McCarthy this above average biographical drama about the Australian nurse who helped discover the treatment for infantile [...]

Lady in the Lake (1947)

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Lady in the Lake (1947) A most unusual film directed by & starring Robert Montgomery as Philip Marlowe in the first person! Montgomery’s detective character introduces the crime drama himself while talking to the camera; he then goes through the story during which all the clues are given such that the audience is challenged to figure it out before the end. All the other actors speak directly to the camera – the audience is [...]

Tom Dick and Harry (1941)

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Tom Dick and Harry (1941) Silly comedy especially its dream sequences that will make you wonder how Ginger Rogers earned a Best Actress Oscar (in her film that directly preceded this one Kitty Foyle (1940)). Bo Derek must have watched this film to learn how to “act” (e.g. demurely chewing a pinkie finger in her mouth to show that her character’s “thinking”). Thank goodness Rogers redeemed herself the following year [...]

All Quiet on the Western Front (1930)

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All Quiet on the Western Front (1930) A film which begins with a school teacher glorifying war to his young German students who then enlist only to learn the true horror of it during World War I. Participating in this film caused lead actor Lew Ayres to become a conscientious objector during WW II; Louis Wolheim (among others) also appears. The film and its director (Lewis Milestone) won Oscars its Writers (George Abbott Maxwell Anderson and Del [...]

Man from Laramie The (1955) – full review!

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Man from Laramie The (1955) – full review! The last of the (director) Anthony Mann-James Stewart collaborations features a complex screenplay which was co-written by Philip Yordan (Broken Lance (1954)) and Frank Burt that was based on a Saturday Evening Post story by Thomas Flynn. The director’s use of scenery (as an integral part of the story) helps this Western earn a slightly above average nod. It’s about an ex-military [...]

Song of the Saddle (1936)

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Song of the Saddle (1936) Features the “Singing Cowboy” initially as the “The Singing Kid”. Dick Foran started this role right after playing Boze Hertzlinger in The Petrified Forest with Leslie Howard Bette Davis Genevieve Tobin and Humphrey Bogart! The story starts off with a land rush scene like Cimarron (1931). Like The Oklahoma Kid (1939) some malfeasance occurs regarding the land claiming process with Phineas Hook [...]

Storm Warning (1951) – full review!

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Storm Warning (1951) – full review! Directed by Stuart Heisler (who’d just received his only recognition from the Academy a Special Effects Oscar nomination he’d shared with Walter Wanger for Tulsa (1949)) and written by Richard Brooks and Danial Fuchs (who would go on to earn their own nominations) elements of this solid drama might remind some of a much more famous Elia Kazan-Tennessee Williams drama released six months later [...]
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