Leon Ames

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Leon Ames Born Leon Waycoff in America’s heartland (Indiana) the actor who would later change his last name to Ames helped to form the Screen Actors Guild in 1933; he would serve as its President from 1957-1958. Though he played many parts in more than a hundred movies since his film debut as a hood in Quick Millions (1931) Leon Ames would become typecast in fatherly roles on the big screen and later on TV after he played Alonzo Smith dad to [...]

April 2005 – Errol Flynn

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April 2005 – Errol Flynn Friday April 1 – April Fools 6:00 AM MGM’s Big Parade Of Comedy (1964) – I’ve not seen this but it promises to be fun. It features clips from MGM films which highlight funny scenes & dozens of (comic) stars A selection of Laurel & Hardy films including: 7:30 AM Pack Up Your Troubles (1932) – a TCM premiere! 8:45 AM The Devil’s Brother (1933) – a 3 star film! 10:15 AM [...]

Great McGinty The (1940)

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Great McGinty The (1940) Writer Preston Sturges finally got his chance to direct (by practically giving his script away) and ended up winning the Academy Award for Best Writing Original Screenplay for this comedy about big city politics that unfortunately is uncomfortably similar to the Chicago machine that has given us our 44th POTUS. It stars the underrated Brian Donlevy in the title role as an ambitious thug that works his way from a street [...]

Murder on the Orient Express (1974)

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Murder on the Orient Express (1974) Sidney Lumet directed this star-studded murder mystery thriller; Paul Dehn (Seven Days to Noon (1950)) wrote the screenplay adapting the Agatha Christie novel to earn his second (and last) Oscar nomination. Albert Finney (Tom Jones (1963)) earned his second of five (four for Best Actor one for Supporting) unrewarded Academy Award nominations for expertly playing Christie’s protagonist Hercule Poirot and [...]

Little Caesar (1931)

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Little Caesar (1931) This Mervyn LeRoy film starring Edward G. Robinson in the title role received an Oscar nomination for Adapted Writing and was added to the National Film Registry in 2000. It features the "100 Years at the Movies" scene (shown frequently on TCM) in which gangster Robinson asks "Mother of mercy is this the end of Rico?" (#73 on AFI’s 100 Greatest Movie Quotes list). Robinson’s Caesar Enrico Bandello [...]

October 2005 – Robert Mitchum

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October 2005 – Robert Mitchum Saturday October 1 – Starring Erich von Stroheim 10:00 AM Death Takes a Holiday (1934) 2:00 PM Cleopatra (1963) – an all new capsule review! 6:15 PM Black Narcissus (1947) – Deborah Kerr plays a nun sent to a remote hilltop in the Himalayas to establish a convent on the site of an “ancient” brothel. She is assisted by a local Prince (Sabu) who craves an education and a handsome [...]

Bachelor Mother (1939)

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Bachelor Mother (1939) Directed by Garson Kanin with a screenplay by Norman Krasna this above average romantic comedy earned Felix Jackson his first and only Academy Award nomination for his Original Story. Kanin (with wife Ruth Gordon) and Krasna received Oscar nominations for their own stories and/or screenplays with Krasna talking home the gold for Princess O’Rourke (1943) a film he also directed. This one stars Ginger Rogers in the title [...]


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Oscar’s Best Snubbed Films  |  Gems  |  100 Years  |  AFI It’s been said that the present is no time to judge a movie’s quality or importance. Indeed, there have been many films which have suffered from (e.g.) bad timing that have not done well or have gone unnoticed until years later. And, many films that “bomb” at the box office (most notably Citizen Kane (1941)) are regarded as great movies of their [...]

Song of the Saddle (1936)

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Song of the Saddle (1936) Features the “Singing Cowboy” initially as the “The Singing Kid”. Dick Foran started this role right after playing Boze Hertzlinger in The Petrified Forest with Leslie Howard Bette Davis Genevieve Tobin and Humphrey Bogart! The story starts off with a land rush scene like Cimarron (1931). Like The Oklahoma Kid (1939) some malfeasance occurs regarding the land claiming process with Phineas Hook [...]

Wagon Train (1940)

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Wagon Train (1940) Academy Award nominated best assistant director Edward Killy led this transition from RKO B Western veteran George O’Brien to Tim Holt in the leading role. Written by Bernard McConville with a screenplay by Morton Grant it’s also the only one I can remember in which crooner Ray Whitley is shot and killed. Whitley who wrote his own songs and played Holt’s amiable singing sidekick in several such Westerns plays wagon [...]
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