Green Helmet The (1961)

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Green Helmet The (1961) Lots of car racing sequences for the enthusiast in this one; at least three major races and lots of test runs to boot. The film opens at the 24 hours of Le Mans. Bill Travers plays an aging race car driver Rafferty who has an accident causing him to think twice before racing again. His Australian crew chief Richie (Sid James) has had enough and tells Rafferty so when he visits him in the hospital. However a “hard of [...]

Pistol Harvest (1951)

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Pistol Harvest (1951) Directed by Lesley Selander and written by Norman Houston this B movie Tim Holt Western also includes his regular sidekick Chito (Richard Martin); for once audiences are spared the usual recitation of (the rest of) his unusual Mexican Irish name and it isn’t until the very last scene that his lady’s man predilection is exhibited. As the story opens two children – Johnny (Harper Carter) and Felice (Joan Freeman) [...]

Barbara Stanwyck: The Signature Collection

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Barbara Stanwyck: The Signature Collection Executive Suite (1954) Annie Oakley (1935) – full review! My Reputation (1946) – full review! East Side West Side (1949) – there are a lot of characters in this melodrama based on the Marcia Davenport novel (scripted by Isobel Lennart and directed by Mervyn LeRoy) perhaps too many and the four prominent names above the title – Barbara Stanwyck James Mason Van Heflin and Ava [...]

Land Beyond the Law (1937)

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Land Beyond the Law (1937) Dick Foran (the “Singing Cowboy”) plays ‘Chip’ Douglas the rowdiest of hands on Slade Henaberry’s (Cy Kendall) ranch and unaware that his boss is crooked. That is until Chip’s disapproving father (Tom Brower) is killed by Henaberry’s henchman Tascosa (Harry Woods) who was rustling Mr. Douglas’s cattle at the time. The story is set in the 1870’s in Bitter Creek New Mexico Territory. The [...]

Adventures of Tartu (1943)

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Adventures of Tartu (1943) aka Tartu (1943) aka Sabotage Agent (1943) Directed by Harold Bucquet with a story by John Higgins and a screenplay by John Lee Mahin (Captains Courageous (1937)) and Howard Emmett Rogers this slightly above average espionage thriller was the first film MGM Studios was able to get Robert Donat to agree to do after his Oscar winning performance in Goodbye Mr. Chips (1939); he had a right of refusal clause in his [...]

Green Pastures The (1936)

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Green Pastures The (1936) Directed by Marc Connelly (based on his play) and William Keighley this all-Black cast biblical drama includes musical accompaniment by the Hall Johnson Choir. As told to some rural Black Sunday School children (George Reed’s character) several stories of the Old Testament Bible are creatively recreated and somewhat contemporarily realized in flashback sequences. Rex Ingram plays three characters: De Lawd (God) [...]

Timber Stampede (1939)

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Timber Stampede (1939) Directed by David Howard and written by Morton Grant from stories by Bernard McConville and Paul Franklin this George O’Brien B Western is about two crooked eastern businessmen that scheme to steal the rich stock of timber near a cattleman territory known as Wagon Wheel. O’Brien is joined by fellow RKO regulars Chill Wills and Marjorie Reynolds as well as Monte Montague (among others). Scott Baylor (O’Brien) and [...]

Hunchback of Notre Dame The (1939)

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Hunchback of Notre Dame The (1939) This is a fantastic drama (another from 1939!) not to be missed based on the Victor Hugo novel adapted by Bruno Frank with a screenplay by Sonya Levien (State Fair (1933)) and starring the gorgeous Maureen O’Hara Cedric Hardwicke Thomas Mitchell Edmond O’Brien Harry Davenport and featuring Charles Laughton’s classic performance (in the title role) as Quasimodo. It was directed by William [...]

White Cliffs of Dover The (1944)

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White Cliffs of Dover The (1944) Directed by Clarence Brown this patriotic World War II film boasts a cast of a dozen or more familiar faces including Irene Dunne Alan Marshal Roddy McDowall Frank Morgan Van Johnson C. Aubrey Smith Dame May Whitty Gladys Cooper Norma Varden and Peter Lawford. And that’s just the credited cast. Tom Drake June Lockhart Elizabeth Taylor and Ian Wolfe also appear. The story is told mostly in retrospect by [...]

Storm Warning (1951) – full review!

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Storm Warning (1951) – full review! Directed by Stuart Heisler (who’d just received his only recognition from the Academy a Special Effects Oscar nomination he’d shared with Walter Wanger for Tulsa (1949)) and written by Richard Brooks and Danial Fuchs (who would go on to earn their own nominations) elements of this solid drama might remind some of a much more famous Elia Kazan-Tennessee Williams drama released six months later [...]
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