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Obscure films? Obscure movies? Well, films which are perhaps not as well known as the ones which receive recognition from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS), or other such organizations. For instance, there were a lot of films made during the studio system years known as "B" pictures. These were made because the studios oftentimes also owned their own movie theaters, which had to have a continuous string of new films to show each week. So, "B movies" (e.g. "B Westerns") were made on "shoestring" budgets in a short amount of time, and usually without very well known actors and directors. However, as you will see, some of those involved in these 'B films' "graduated" to the mainstream and/or big budget productions, either within the same studio or with a different one.

Additionally, I started adding films to this list which were either not in Leonard Maltin's guide or for which there were no external reviews provided on (or both!). So, some of the films reviewed below may not be as obscure as others. I hope you enjoy reading these obscure movie reviews!

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