October 2005 – Robert Mitchum

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October 2005 – Robert Mitchum Saturday October 1 – Starring Erich von Stroheim 10:00 AM Death Takes a Holiday (1934) 2:00 PM Cleopatra (1963) – an all new capsule review! 6:15 PM Black Narcissus (1947) – Deborah Kerr plays a nun sent to a remote hilltop in the Himalayas to establish a convent on the site of an “ancient” brothel. She is assisted by a local Prince (Sabu) who craves an education and a handsome [...]

Carbine Williams (1952)

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Carbine Williams (1952) 44 year-old James Stewart plays a man in his early 20’s through his mid-40’s (and beyond?) something he was asked to do quite often throughout his career. His characterization is good though he is clearly not youthful enough physically to play the title character in the first third of the film. Chameleon actress Jean Hagan on the other hand ages much more believably (perhaps because she was only 30 at the [...]

Patton (1970)

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Patton (1970) “Now I want you to remember that no bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making the other poor dumb bastard die for his country.” Director Franklin Schaffner won the Best Director Oscar on his only nomination for this Best Picture Oscar winner which brought home four more Oscars including Adapted Screenplay Writing (shared by Francis Ford Coppola). George C. Scott was the first Best Actor to [...]

Great Escape The (1963)

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Great Escape The (1963) Based on a true story by Paul Brickhill this epic adventure about a mass escape planned by Allied officers being kept in an elite German P.O.W. camp especially designed to prevent it is a great World War II movie spectacle. John Sturges directed the film whose screenplay was in part written by James Clavell. The all star cast makes every storyline interesting and includes: Steve McQueen James Garner Richard Attenborough [...]

August 2005 – Summer Under the Stars

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August 2005 – Summer Under the Stars Monday August 1 – Lauren Bacall 8:30 AM Confidential Agent (1945) – not very good but read my full review! 10:30 AM Dark Passage (1947) – one of the four great Bogie & Bacall pairings. This film noir has Bogart as a man falsely accused of murdering his wife he escapes and searches for the real killer with help from Bacall and trouble from Agnes Moorehead. 2:00 PM The Big Sleep [...]

Hollywood Cowboy (1937)

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Hollywood Cowboy (1937) aka Wings Over Wyoming (1937) George O’Brien stars as B movie cowboy Jeffrey Carson in this B Western that was directed and co-written (with Dan Jarrett) by Ewing Scott. While shooting a movie in Wyoming Carson gets involved in a range war ostensibly between wealthy ranchers and their cattle wranglers before he later discovers that the conflict has been exacerbated by some gangsters (led by Charles Middleton) that had [...]

Scarlet Pimpernel The (1934) – full review!

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Scarlet Pimpernel The (1934) – full review! Produced by Alexander Korda and directed by Harold Young with writing credits that include Baroness Emmuska Orczy (her novel) Lajos Biró (The Last Command (1928)) S.N. Behrman Robert Sherwood and Arthur Wimperis this slightly above average adventure comedy features Leslie Howard in the title role aka Sir Percy Blakeney. Merle Oberon (she with the beautiful high forehead) plays Howard’s [...]

Bordertown (1935) – full review!

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Bordertown (1935) – full review! Directed by Archie Mayo this film was later remade better as They Drive By Night (1940). It’s based on a Robert Lord (One Way Passage (1932)) story and Henry O’Neill appears uncredited. Paul Muni plays Johnny a poor Mexican working as a mechanic while he puts himself through law school. A rich socialite Dale (Margaret Lindsay) runs into his friend (Arthur Stone) Manuel’s car which becomes [...]

Our Town (1940)

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Our Town (1940) Directed by Sam Wood (Goodbye Mr. Chips (1939)) this Best Picture Oscar nominated drama is a pretty good adaptation of Thornton Wilder’s well known Pulitzer Prize winning play. Of course Wilder adapted it along with Frank Craven (who also appears in the film as the Stage Manager that narrates – speaking directly to the camera) and Harry Chandlee. It stars Martha Scott who received her only Academy Award recognition [...]

The Searchers (1956)

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The Searchers (1956) This John Ford Western – one of the director’s best – inexplicably did not receive a single Academy Award nomination despite the fact that it features one of John Wayne’s best lead acting performances a compelling relevant story (Frank Nugent wrote the screenplay from Alan Le May’s novel) and beautiful Technicolor vistas of Monument Valley by 3-time Oscar-winning cinematographer Winston Hoch; it was however added [...]
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