Society Lawyer (1939)

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Society Lawyer (1939) Walter Pidgeon plays a “well to do” lawyer who has just helped secure an innocent verdict for a known criminal played by Leo Carrillo. Carrillo is so thankful he offers Pidgeon a bonus and a place in his organization. Pidgeon declines because although he knew Carrillo was innocent of that particular murder he doesn’t want to associate with him. Carrillo assigns two of his thugs to protect Pidgeon anyway [...]

Hasty Heart The (1949) – full review!

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Hasty Heart The (1949) – full review! Directed by Vincent Sherman with a screenplay by Ranald MacDougall (Mildred Pierce (1945)) that was based on the play by John Patrick (The Strange Love of Martha Ivers (1946)) this slightly above average drama features the Academy Award nominated Best Actor performance by Richard Todd (his only) and what has to be one of best performances ever given by actor Ronald Reagan as well. Patricia Neal in only [...]

Buddy Holly Story The (1978)

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Buddy Holly Story The (1978) This above average if fictionalized biopic earned Gary Busey (in the title role) his only Oscar recognition (to date) a Best Actor nomination. Joe Renzetti (who appears as a violinist) who received his only Academy recognition (so far) won the Oscar for his Score; he adapted Holly’s terrific leading edge (at the time) Rock n’ Roll music. The film’s Sound also received a nomination; it was also the [...]

Red Dust (1932)

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Red Dust (1932) Before he immortalized the role of Rhett Butler in producer David O. Selznick’s Oscar winning blockbuster – the film adaptation of Margaret Mitchell’s celebrated novel – Gone With the Wind (1939) Clark Gable played plenty of other womanizing rogues in the movies like the one he plays in this steamy pre-code drama opposite Jean Harlow the screen’s original blonde bombshell? and Mary Astor. Like GWTW this [...]

Rear Window (1954)

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Rear Window (1954) This voyeuristic film is loved by many – James Stewart plays a news photographer who’s been confined to a wheelchair in his apartment which gives him a view of a courtyard & into the apartments of many residents and their lives. His nurse (Thelma Ritter) and fiancée (Grace Kelly) become drawn in also and begin watching as well. Things get particularly interesting when they start to suspect that one particular [...]

Crack-Up (1946)

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Crack-Up (1946) Directed by Irving Reis and based on a story by Fredric Brown that was adapted by John Paxton Ben Bengal and Ray Spencer this average film noir drama stars Pat O’Brien Claire Trevor and Herbert Marshall (among others). O’Brien plays George Steele a man who is ‘caught’ breaking into a museum by a police officer who subdues him. It is then learned that Steele is an art forgery expert who gives lectures at [...]

Edge of the City (1957)

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Edge of the City (1957) Underrated director Martin Ritt’s first film! Ritt would go on to receive his only Best Director Oscar nomination for Hud (1963) despite directing Best Picture nominees Sounder (1972) Norma Rae (1979) & Nuts (1987) and directing 13 different actors in Oscar-nominated performances (three of which who won: Patricia Neal Melvyn Douglas and Sally Field in the aforementioned films). Formerly blacklisted because of his [...]

Desperate Journey (1942)

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Desperate Journey (1942) Don’t take this one too seriously just sit back and enjoy this World War II action adventure which features a great cast. Directed by Raoul Walsh this Arthur T. Horman original screenplay is about an Allied bomber which is hit by enemy fire that has to crash land behind enemy lines. Its crew led by Errol Flynn must then find their way back to friendly territory. Along the way they disrupt as many Axis operations as [...]

Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961)

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Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961) Directed by Blake Edwards and featuring the song "Moon River" (#4 on AFI’s 100 Top Movie Songs of All Time) sung by its star Audrey Hepburn this romantic comedy also stars George Peppard as a writer who’s captivated by the carefree character Hepburn plays that of a high priced escort searching for a rich man to marry. Peppard’s character is also a "kept" man by Patricia [...]

Victor/Victoria (1982)

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Victor/Victoria (1982) Directed co-produced with a screenplay co-written by Blake Edwards (for which he received his only Academy Award nomination) this hilarious Musical Comedy features Julie Andrews in the title role (both characters) as a woman masquerading as a man pretending to be a woman (e.g. as a female impersonator). Sound confusing? It is. And it is difficult to "see" Julie Andrews’s character as a man in this one too. [...]
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