The Falcon in San Francisco (1945)

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The Falcon in San Francisco (1945) The eleventh film in the Falcon series Some familiar actors return to the series in this one though not in recurring roles. Edward Brophy (who appeared in the first Falcon film as a detective and is a fairly recognizable character actor in his own right) plays Goldie and Rita Corday appears in her fifth (out of six total) film in the series though never as the same character. And missing from this film are the [...]

Adventures of a Rookie The (1943)

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Adventures of a Rookie The (1943) When the highlight of any movie especially a comedy comes within the first 20 minutes and consists of two “fair to midlin’” impressions by one actor of another (Edward G. Robinson & Charles Laughton in this case) you probably ought to skip it. That’s how I felt after watching this humorless Wally Brown-Alan Carney film that was directed by Leslie Goodwins. The story and adaptation were [...]

Lost Patrol The (1934)

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Lost Patrol The (1934) A great film familiar because it’s been copied about a troop of men who are trapped in a desert oasis and must survive snipers and each other while waiting for relief that may never come. Directed by John Ford the cast includes Victor McLaglen as the Sergeant Boris Karloff as a religious soldier (somewhat of a fanatic) Wallace Ford Reginald Denny Alan Hale as one of the soldiers who volunteers to go for help and J.M. [...]

The Departed (2006)

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The Departed (2006) “And the winner of the Best Motion Picture of the Year goes to … the F-word!” But seriously director Martin Scorsese (Raging Bull (1980)) won his first Best Director Oscar on his sixth nomination from the Academy in the category; his long time editor Thelma Schoonmaker and writer William Monahan – who adapted the original screenplay (Mou gaan dou aka Infernal Affairs (2002)) – also won. Mark [...]

Each Dawn I Die (1939) – full review!

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Each Dawn I Die (1939) – full review! Directed by William Keighley with a screenplay written by Warren Duff and Norman Reilly Raine (The Life of Emile Zola (1937)) this drama features James Cagney George Raft and Jane Bryan (among others). What begins as a fairly interesting story becomes rather muddled and unbelievable toward its end though it’s definitely NOT formulaic. However there’s no faulting the acting whether [...]

Wings (1927) – full length review!

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Wings (1927) – full length review! This very first (and only) winner of the Academy Award for Best Picture Production (a category that has since become known as Best Picture) is the only silent film to win the award and the only one to win an Oscar for Best Effects Engineering Effects (for Roy Pomeroy). That same year another silent Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans (1927) aka Sunrise (1927) won the only Academy Award for Best Picture Unique [...]

May 2007 – Katharine Hepburn/John Wayne

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May 2007 – Katharine Hepburn/John Wayne Brando (Part One) (2007) – a TCM premiere! The Men (1950) – all new comments in TCM Picks Brando (Part Two) (2007) – a TCM premiere! Gideon of Scotland Yard (1958) – a TCM premiere! Man in the Attic (1953) – a TCM premiere! The Born Losers (1967) – a TCM premiere! Tanks a Million (1941) – an all new review! Beach Party (1963) – a TCM premiere! The [...]

Foreign Correspondent (1940)

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Foreign Correspondent (1940) I think this is the best of the two Alfred Hitchcock directed films released in 1940 which is saying something given the fact that the other won the Oscar. Not only does it have terrific set pieces (an old Dutch windmill a transatlantic clipper etc.) but it contains standout performances by Joel McCrea (Hitch had wanted Gary Cooper who turned down the role) Herbert Marshall (his best acting?) and George Sanders (one [...]

Absent Minded Professor The (1961)

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Absent Minded Professor The (1961) Three years before director Robert Stevenson and screenwriter-producer Bill Walsh would collaborate and receive their only Academy recognition for their work on Mary Poppins (1964) with Julie Andrews they made this family comedy fantasy featuring Fred MacMurray in the title role as Prof. Ned Brainard. Based on a story by Samuel Taylor the professor finally succeeds in (accidentally unaware of some interference [...]

The Farmer’s Wife (1928) – full review!

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The Farmer’s Wife (1928) – full review! Written and directed by Alfred Hitchcock (the director’s screenplay was based on a play from Eden Philpotts) this silent comedy (!) begins with the death of the farmer’s wife though the titled character actually refers to said farmer’s ‘replacement’ spouse; the film’s story is about his pursuit of several eligible ladies in the community. Apparently there are two [...]
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