Lady for a Day (1933)

Lady for a Day (1933)

If you’ve only seen the inferior remake (also by director Frank Capra who received an Oscar nomination for this one) called Pocketful of Miracles (1961) you won’t want to miss this. May Robson’s "Apple Annie" was nominated for a Best Actress Oscar as was the picture and the story adapted from the Damon Runyon story. Warren William is a gangster who must have Annie’s blessing an apple before he makes any big decisions. But Annie a poor street woman has been corresponding with her daughter overseas telling her she’s a high society lady while she funds her schooling. When the daughter decides to come home with rich suitor & his family in tow William is bullied into helping his good luck charm out. He arranges for all his molls and thugs to pretend to be New York aristocracy including Guy Kibbee (who gives an excellent performances as well). But all doesn’t go smoothly hence the comedy! Other fine support given by Ned Sparks & Nat Pendleton among others.

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