Marnie (1964)

Marnie (1964)

Director Alfred Hitchcock had to use Tippi Hedren again when he couldn’t coax Princess Grace Kelly out of retirement in this psychological thriller much like Spellbound (1945). This one involves a woman’s repressed memory that caused her to be frigid which was pretty funny since Sean Connery (after two "James Bond" films) was cast as her husband and he almost rapes her on their wedding night. Oh yeah and Hedren’s character is a thief which had to be blackmailed into marrying him in the first place! Needless to say this isn’t a very good film. The most memorable scene is probably the revelation of the memory itself (which involves a sailor played by Bruce Dern). Diane Baker Martin Gabel Louise Latham Bob Sweeney Mariette Hartley and Alan Napier are among those who also appear. Screenplay by Jay Presson Allen from the novel by Winston Graham.

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