Haunted Spooks (1920)

Haunted Spooks (1920)

Besides the title being a double entendre racial slur there are offensive Black stereotypes portrayed within this otherwise pretty entertaining Harold Lloyd silent short. His character is distraught and suicidal after losing the girl: he tries to shoot himself but the gun he finds turns out to be a water pistol; he tries to drown himself but the lake ends up being too shallow; he finds a deeper section of the lake but lands on a boat when he jumps off the bridge. When he tries to get hit by a moving car (several times) he learns it’s being driven by a lawyer who’s husband-hunting for a young lady (Mildred Davis) client of his that’s just inherited a mansion provided she can live in it for 1 year. Her greedy uncle (Wallace Howe) and his wife try to scare these newlyweds out of it so that they will get the house. Their Black servants inadvertently get involved in the plot and Lloyd’s character is scared so much that his hair grows into a huge Afro before all works out in the end.

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