Corn is Green The (1945)

Corn is Green The (1945)

One of my favorite Bette Davis films has her playing Miss Lilly Moffat a career school teacher in a small Welsh mining town. Lilly recognizes a special intelligence in one of her students Morgan Evans (John Dall who received his only Academy Award nomination – Best Supporting Actor – in his first film!) and does everything she can including manipulating the town squire (Nigel Bruce) to provide him an opportunity to go to Oxford. However negatively influenced by others within the community who are jealous of the "teacher’s pet" Morgan makes a costly mistake involving a young woman Bessie Watty (Joan Lorring who also received her only Oscar nomination – Best Supporting Actress). Lilly must then exert maximum effort and ultimately make a great sacrifice to convince Morgan that she is right about what is best and that he should pursue the high goals she has set for him to attain. Rhys Williams and Mildred Dunnock among others provides support. Directed by Irving Rapper with a screenplay by Frank Cavett (Going My Way (1944)) and Casey Robinson (Captain Blood (1935)) that was based on the Emlyn Williams play.

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