So This is College (1929)

So This is College (1929)

Produced and directed by Sam Wood with a screenplay by Al Boasberg and (future director) Delmer Daves with additional dialogue provided by Boasberg and Joseph Farnham (an Academy Award winning title writer) this early talkie comedy sports drama with music features what was effectively Robert Montgomery’s screen debut as Biff. He and Elliott Nugent as Eddie play two senior Southern California football players roommates who share and share alike – their both womanizing men on campus. But shortly after they both agree to tone down their power dating routine until after the big game with Stanford a new student named Babs Baxter (Sally Starr) arrives on campus and their agreement goes out the window.

Though Babs initially shows interest only Biff Eddie is not discouraged and continues to pursue her with abandon both playing practical jokes on one another until he has another conversation with his friend. When Eddie learns that Biff really cares for Babs (he sees her as his future bride) he backs off. But after several weeks of standoffish behavior from her other would-be suitor Babs hooks Eddie into a compromising situation and he’s more than happy to be ‘taken advantage of’ by her. Of course this occurs just before the big game so both football stars fail to play their best in the first half. But at halftime the teammates hear Babs showing an engagement ring from yet another gentleman (Joel McCrea uncredited). Naturally their friendship is ‘back on’ and the two take the field to help their team make a spectacular comeback and win the game.

Others who appear throughout the story include crooner Cliff Edwards playing Windy who sings several songs Max Davidson as a tailor who pursues Eddie throughout for payment due Oscar Rudolph and Gene Stone as freshman that the fraternity brothers abuse and Polly Moran as the frat house’s cook.

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