Divorce – Italian Style (1961)

Divorce – Italian Style (1961)

aka Divorzio all’italiana (1961) or Divorce Italian Style (1962)

This is a very fun film starring Marcello Mastroianni by director Pietro Germi (both received Oscar nominations) which received the Best Writing Story and Screenplay – Written Directly for the Screen Oscar in 1963 as well as numerous other awards.

Ferdinando Cefalú (Mastroianni) is married to Rosalia (Daniela Rocca) a woman who is suffocating him with her love. They live in a large Italian family villa such that his beautiful 16 year old niece Angela (Stefania Sandrelli) to whom he is irresistibly drawn lives across the courtyard from him.

He witnesses a court case about a woman who has murdered her philandering husband and fantasizes about ridding himself of his own wife. However he must figure out how to get away with it so that he will only have to serve a short time behind bars … in order to be young enough to pursue his comely niece. When he learns of his niece’s attraction to him he plots to find a lover for his wife to justify her murder.

You can almost watch the entire thing without sound. Of course it’s in Italian with English subtitles. Funny slapstick humor abounds.

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