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Torrent (1926)

Torrent (1926)

The title refers to a flood that occurs in the small town where most of the film’s action takes place. It draws the two romantic leads closer and the special effects are pretty good given the time the film was made.

This Greta Garbo silent drama her first American (MGM) film also stars Ricardo Cortez as the son of a domineering mother played by Martha Mattox. The wealthy matriarch Dona Bernarda Brull (Mattox) is upset about her son Rafael’s infatuation with the orange farmer’s (Edward Connelly) daughter Leonora (Garbo). So she forbids him to see her and forecloses on the Moreno’s farm. This causes Leonora great heartache to say nothing of her family’s financial condition. Using the singing talent cultivated by her wannabe father Pedro Leonara leaves her humble home to later become a sensation on the stages of Paris as La Brunna where nobleman and other rich gentleman cultivate favors from her.

Meanwhile back in their small town of Valencia where Leonora’s father has passed away Dona Bernarda Brull’s influence has brought Rafael to the brink of being elected to office. She’s also arranged for her son to marry Remedios Matías (Gertrude Olmstead) the daughter of a rich hog farmer (Mack Swain). However just before both of these events are realized La Brunna returns to her humble beginnings to visit her mother Pepa (Lucy Beaumont) and barber friend Cupido (Lucien Littlefield). Incognito she gives Rafael the impression that she is still poor and nearly destitute. When the proud soon to be elected official visits Cupido Leonara reveals that she is the famous La Brunna. Naturally he is irresistibly drawn to her which though it doesn’t keep his inevitable election from happening it does threaten his marriage to Remedios … that is until his mother intervenes once again. Some time after the flood though not on that particular night Leonara and Rafael spend a night of passion together amidst the orange blossoms Dona Bernarda Brull visits Pepa to tell her of the shame which has been brought upon her home.

*** SPOILERS ***

So La Brunna returns to her life on the stage in Madrid while Rafael marries Remedios. Shortly thereafter however Rafael follows his Leonara to declare his love for her once again seemingly ready to throw away his life for her. She is thrilled and with her maid (Lillian Leighton) packs her bags to await his return. Rafael’s wise lawyer friend Don Andrés (Tully Marshall) intervenes on behalf of his mother and the community he serves to convince him to do otherwise and again Leonara is left “holding the bag”. Years pass but the two never forget their everlasting love for one another. A much older looking Rafael visits La Brunna who doesn’t appear to have aged since last they met. This time he’s ready to leave his wife and two children for her but she is unwilling to be the cause of it. He returns to Remedios looking over his sleeping little ones while La Brunna completes another performance with adoring fans and then sits alone forlornly thinking of their love lost.

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  1. Torrent is surprisingly good, the acting holds up reasonably well for a 1926 film, and one can see why viewers were transfixed by young Greta Garbo. She has great presence, and doesn’t overact. Cortez doesn’t come off quite as well. The director has a terrific eye for composition, and the special affects of the rain storm are quite good.
    Cortez’ character is spineless, and it’s hard to see why Garbo’s character is so in love with him, and the big confrontation is nowhere to be found, which I found disappointing.

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