Holiday (1938)

Holiday (1938)

An entertaining comedy that makes you think directed by George Cukor and starring Cary Grant & Katharine Hepburn. The screenplay was written by David Ogden Stewart (The Philadelphia Story (1940)) and Sidney Buchman (Here Comes Mr. Jordan (1941)).

Self made man Johnny Case (Grant) is about to marry Julia Seton (Doris Nolan) but then learns that she is rich. He proceeds to meet her sister Linda (Hepburn) father (Henry Kolker) and brother Ned (Lew Ayres – Johnny Belinda (1948)) who drinks to forget his life as a slave to earning money. Johnny discusses his possibilities with his more humble friends Professor (Edward Everett Horton) & Mrs. Potter (Jean Dixon) as he struggles to decide whether to quit work to finally have some fun … and whether he should marry the “great woman behind every successful man” Julia or be with his more free spirited “soul-mate” Linda. See some great physical comedy & stunts performed by the former acrobat Grant. Henry Daniell and Binnie Barnes also appear. Nominated for an Art Direction Oscar.

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